Good ol' Willie Nelson. Bloody Mary Mornings and Whisky Rivers weren't enough for him and this week it finally caught up with him. The Willie-mobile was pulled over Monday while cruising through Louisiana. When the driver opened the door to talk to the cop, a familiar scent wafted out into the morning air.

Yup, it would seem Willie and was taking a hefty reefer break which prompted the officer to take a little tour of Nelson's bus. The search turned up around one and half pounds of marijuana and over three ounces of some very special mushrooms. That shouldn't come as too much of a shock.

According to the AP that's enough illicit goodies to warrant a felony distribution charge. Lucky for Willie, he wasn't the only one in the bus. Whether or not they were actually partaking, four of his friends (all over the age of 50) all claimed that the drugs were theirs too, sort of like the pothead version of "I am Spartacus". With five folks splitting the pot (pun intended), they were only cited with midemeanors.

Nelson is a long time supporter of medicinal marijuana and in an October 2000 story at Yahoo! music he remarked that he made smoking some a part of his daily life.

After citations were issued, it wasn't long before Willie was back on the road again. One can't help but wonder if he was back on somthing else too.

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