Remember that psychedelic boat ride in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? Yeah, it freaked us out when we were kids too. The spoiled children, minus the humbled Charlie bucket, who won the golden tickets have reunited after 40 years to discuss their mental breakdowns from Gene Wilder’s trippy boat ride. Just kidding, it was a reunion for the 40th anniversary celebration of the classic kids film which was made in 1971.

The cast members meet up Tuesday for a special appearance on the Today Show to discuss their favorite scenes from the movie. Peter Ostrum, who played the titular Charlie Bucket, said: “I have very fond memories of making the film, working with (Grandpa Joe) Jack Albertson and Gene Wilder, they were both super people to work with.”

Julie Dawn Cole, who played Veruca Salt, was also in attendance and revealed that during her breaks she would sneak into the candy filled sets, where she would eat and marvel over the amazing set pieces. Denis Nickers, who played Violet Beauregarde, explained how she was still blue 72 hours after her famous blueberry transformation scene. Paris Themmen and Michael Bollner were also on the show.

It’s wonderful, and rare, to see that old cast members would get together after 40 years; it makes me think: would Johnny Depp and his rag-tag group of re-makers would get together in 40 years? See how happy they are in the reunion video below:

For old times’ sake, here’s that tripped out Chocolate Factory boat scene to scare the crap out of you all over again:

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