Up until now, it's been widely thought by many interested parties that singer Amy Winehouse died from either a drug overdose or alcohol poisoning. The troubled musician's battles with both the bottle and controlled substances were well documented over the past few years, and the coroner's need to wait for toxicology results seemed to buoy those deadly cocktail claims. Not everyone is on board with the salacious predictions though, including Winehouse's family.

A source close to the singer told The Sun the Winehouse's believe Amy may have actually died from alcohol withdrawal. She was encouraged by doctors to slowly wean herself off of liquor, but this gradual reduction never really worked for the “Rehab” crooner. After going on a binge a few days before her death, those closest to her think Winehouse may have completely stopped drinking in the forty-eight hours prior to the tragedy, sending her body into shock.

If these sober predictions have merit, Winehouse's death may prove even more tragic. It's always worse to see someone pass running in a healthy direction than indulging his or her old ways. We really have no way of knowing the truth though until those toxicology reports come back sometime in the next three weeks.

Regardless of the outcome, Amy Winehouse was a brilliant singer and engaging personality who left the world far too soon. Beyond all the tabloid headlines, she still contributed so much to the world of music. She will be missed for a long time by both fans, friends and family members.

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