Winona Ryder must not watch 30 Rock because earlier this season, Tina Fey loaded herself up with heinous chemicals before a flight and mistakenly thought she met Oprah Winfrey. Or maybe she does tune in and simply didn’t take heed of the humorous yet pointed message. Either way, Winona Ryder popped in one too many Xanax pills before her flight from Los Angeles to Heathrow, causing the actress to collapse twice and be rushed to a London hospital upon landing.

According to The Sun, the pilot was forced to order a priority landing because, as one passenger described, Winona “turned a deathly shade of pale.” On the bright side, she has already been checked out of the hospital and boarded another plane, without incident, to an undisclosed European location.

Look: I understand fears of flying. I hate it. There’s way too many pissed off people shoved together in a claustrophobic purgatory, but self-medicating is the wrong answer to any problem other than your wife’s nagging.

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