At some point in the 1980s, Michael Jackson went from being a celebrity to an icon, and with that status change, the general public started to see him as less of a human being and more of a larger than life figure. As day two of Dr. Conrad Murray’s trial concluded, many onlookers were struck by just how far that curtain had been pulled back. Prosecutors hammered home the image, not of a world renowned pop star, but of a helpless fifty year old who desperately needed help from his doctor.

Testifying about the moments immediately after Jackson collapsed, the singer’s chief of security Faheem Muhammad told the court he arrived to find a lifeless body in the bedroom, Dr. Conrad Murray and two kids frantically crying. Paris was in the fetal position balling, and Prince was staring in disbelief as tears slowly streamed down his face. Another witness later testified that Dr. Murray called Jackson’s personal assistant Michael Williams at 12:15, some nineteen minutes after the King of Pop collapsed. At 12:20, Dr. Murray finally called an ambulance, but it was too late.

According to Reuters, Michael Williams took the stand later in the day himself and recounted the troubling story of what happened at the hospital. He and Dr. Murray were informed by rescue workers that Jackson had been pronounced dead, and Murray’s immediate reaction was to ask for a ride back to the house. He said there was some cream in MJ’s room that the world wouldn’t want to know about. Prosecutors have openly alleged that once back at the house, Murray removed evidence from the estate.

We still have weeks left in this trial, and it’s already proven more emotionally taxing than I expected. Michael Jackson may have been a strange guy, but he was also a father and the greatest pop star who ever lived. He deserved to get better care than he got. Whether that means his doctor will end up in jail is another story.

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