Black Friday sales can be vicious. My mother likes to tell me horrific stories about people being trampled to death, but generally a bitch glare or a muttered word under your breath is enough to keep at bay anyone eyeing an item you really want. Apparently, Los Angeles shoppers need to be a little more aggressive to obtain merchandise. This Thanksgiving, an L.A. shopper brought out a more ridiculous weapon: pepper spray. At 10:20 p.m. last night at a Los Angeles area Walmart, a woman sprayed a crowd hoping to keep people at bay as she nabbed some electronics. If that isn’t preposterous enough, the woman managed to injure 20 people during the event.

Police said the woman was “trying to gain the upper hand” as store employees took the coverings off of the electronic items she was hoping to purchase. Though a whopping twenty people were hurt during the woman’s pepper spray scheme, ten of them were due to people dipping, dodging, ducking, and diving away from the sprayed area. No one was seriously hurt. Still, the pepper spray was pretty poor form.

The Washington Post is reporting the police are still looking for the woman. Since Black Friday shopping is always crazy and the Walmart stayed open after the incident, it’s easy to see how the woman was lost among the crowd. I hope they find her, soon. I’d really like to know whether she got the merchandise she wanted.

If this pepper spray thing becomes a Black Friday mainstay, I suggest science safety goggles.

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