If you're a fan of wrestling, WWF in particular, then you know what energy fallen wrestler Randy “Macho Man” Savage and his buddy the Ultimate Warrior had in the ring. In a video found by gossip site TMZ, the ultimate warrior explains how he “famously forced Savage into retirement by defeating him at a Career Ending Match during Wrestlemania XII.” The wrestler also explains that the endless energy they had in the ring was due to the masses amount of coffee they would drink before each of their matches.

According to the Ultimate Warrior, they would have contests before each of their matches to see who could drink more joe. One time the warrior says, they both drank a whooping 5 gallons of java before a match. That’s like cocaine in liquid form. Talking about getting jacked on coffee and how the “Macho Man” inspired an entire generation of wrestlers, he says: “I was so fortunate to be in so many great events with him.”

Here is the full emotional video of his testament towards his friend:

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