Wynonna Judd is planning to walk down the aisle for a third time. The forty-seven year old has been dating drummer Cactus Moser for almost two years, and he apparently popped the question on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, the soon to be married couple decided the details of what exactly went down were a little too private; so, the specifics will have to be guessed at. After I saw she’d said “yes”, I was hoping he just wrapped the gift up like a random Christmas present, but since it happened the night before, I think that’s out. You can go ahead and make up a wacky story that suits you. There's no way a dude named Cactus proposed conventionally.

According to E!, the exact wedding date is under wraps too, but since Cactus and Wynonna are currently touring together, one would suspect this will either be a quickie ceremony or put off for a little bit. Celebrities aren’t normally apt to tying the knot without fanfare, but third time weddings are completely different. Judd was previously married to Arch Kelly III, a union that produced two children, and J.D. Roach, a union that ended when he was indicted for sexual battery of a minor.

Pop Blend wishes Wynonna and Cactus nothing but the best, both because they seem like decent people and because their names sound so wonderful together. The band they’re in right now is called Wynonna and the Big Noise, but Wynonna and her Cactus has a way better ring to it. Here’s to hoping she takes that nomenclature suggestion under advisement and alters accordingly.

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