If you were to ask X Factor contestants what they were competing for, I suspect the majority would say a five million dollar recording contract or a chance to break into the music industry. That's definitely the ultimate goal, but for most competitors, the real take away is an awesome life moment. Knowing, at least for five minutes, that they stepped on stage, hit all the right notes and moved on. Nothing can ever take away that sense of accomplishment. For Chris Rene, his seems to have come at the perfect time.

The smiley former drug addict with the smooth voice has spent much of his life making the wrong decisions. Six years ago, he had a son named Elijah, but no one told him for two years. He's spent the last four trying to make the situation right, regularly visiting the little guy in foster care. Because of his father's past, Elijah's foster parents never told the boy the nice man taking him out was his real dad, but according to TMZ, this week they made the decision to let him know. The overjoyed contestant took to his Facebook page to celebrate the news…
” I am so happy i can't express my joy with words!!! I feel a new song coming though. So Blessed."

We all fight different battles in our lives. Some of us go further off the deep end at various points, but what's important is waking up one day and figuring it all out. For X Factor and most importantly for his son, Pop Blend wishes Chris Rene the best moving forward. Nothing beats spending time with your family, except maybe having five million dollars to take your son to Disney World.

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