In easily the most shocking, head-scratching elimination thus far on X Factor, Drew, quite possibly the most talented contestant, was sent packing after her mentor Simon Cowell had her perform a slowed down version of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”. All of the judges seemed wowed by her vocal performance, but when it came time to choose between her and Marcus Canty, L.A., Paula and Nicole all chose the college-aged dancer over the fifteen year old girl with loads of potential. Following her elimination, fans took to the internet to express their outrage and offer shows of support. No doubt the well-wishes did a lot to cheer Drew up, but there was one in particular that stood above the rest.

Multi-platinum pop star and apparent X Factor fan Justin Bieber tweeted his support, telling the singer he too lost his first competition and she should keep her head up since this is only the beginning. Not surprisingly, she responded in short order, offering thanks excitement over the Biebs following her. I get it. I’d be pretty excited too if he followed me, and I’m neither a teenager nor a girl.

It’s a bit unclear how exactly the contracts of the X Factor contestants work. On Idol, they’re locked into a tour that follows the finale, but typically, those that finished outside the top two are free to pursue whatever they want. If that’s the case here, expect Drew to snap up a record contract very quickly. She many need to work a bit on her performance skills, but there’s no denying her voice could crush on country radio. Look for her to do big things.

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