The Office is not what it used to be without Michael Scott. Steve Carell’s eccentric character was a main reason why everyone watched the show week after week. As you might have assumed, Will Ferrell too, after a short stint on the acclaimed comedy show, won’t be coming back either to reprise his role as Deangelo Vickers. According to WENN, Ferrell has “no plans” on taking a permanent role in The Office.

Last month, Farrell filmed 4 episodes of the show in place of Carell’s character Michael Scott, and received mixed reviews for his appearance. The recent Mark Twain Humor Award recipient suggests his role on the show could extend if producers started looking at the future of the program, stating the possibility of becoming a full-time cast member “looked good.”

Which means Ferrell would continue working on the show if they looked at an end date for the series, and if my knowledge of Hollywood is accurate, will not happen. NBC has a wildly successful show on their hands, and it won’t end anytime soon. The Office makes too much money for it be canceled.

During his appearance on the Today show, Ferrell confirmed: “I do have to say that the first day on the set and looking at this familiar cast who knows each other very well was slightly intimidating. (But) it's just four episodes and thus far (there are) no plans to come back.”

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