Whether or not you believed the world was going to end Saturday night, that gave many people the reason to go out and party like there was no tomorrow. Even comedian Zach Galifianakis partied. During his Friday (May 20th) appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher Galifianakis decided to up the ante and ‘shot up’ heroin during the show.

Last October when The Hangover Part 2 star was on Real Time, he smoked a joint on the show. Take a look:

After the smoke out session took in 2 million views on youtube, Maher decided he would take the opportunity to up the ante for the comedian, and give him heroin instead. According to Maher: “I thought tonight we might raise the stakes a little,” he then takes out a platter filled with paraphernalia and begins the process. Clearly a gag, when asked whether or not he wanted to do it, Zach responded with a joke about the apparent end of the world: “Everything's ending so let's just do it.”

This guy never ceases to amaze us. From his bout with January Jones to his most anticipated return in The Hangover, he really can’t go wrong.

According to crazy-nut job--fanatics, who were wrong about the end of the world, its really happening 5 months from now in October. Maybe before the next rapture Galifianakis will smoke crack on Real Time?

Courtesy of the New York Daily News, here’s Zach Galifianakis shooting up Heroin:

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