There is a long list of famous faces Bradley Cooper has been linked to. From Jennifer Lopez to Jennifer Aniston to Renee Zellweger, he’s dated, caroused with and/ or been serious with some of the best ladies Hollywood has to offer; so, it should come as no shock that he’s apparently charmed a beautiful and recently available actress.

Over the past month or so, Avatar star Zoe Saldana and Cooper have been spotted out and about, leading to rumors of a possible relationship. When representatives denied anything was going on, the story kind of fizzled, but it gained new life last night when E! quoted a source as saying the two are “totally dating”. They supposedly have plans to vacation together in the Rockies. Like the rest of this story, that trip is unconfirmed, but it certainly seems believable enough given the two were photographed sharing a short kiss.

This is normally the part of the story where I would wish these two well with their relationship, but Saldana recently broke up with her fiancé Keith Britton, who she dated for eleven years. I’m not saying rebounds never work out. There’s always the chance this could be it for both of them, but given her prior relationship and his reputation of being a ladies man, this courtship doesn’t really look promising on paper long term. That’s okay though. Bradley Cooper is probably the type of dude you should date immediately following a decade long romance.

That being said, if these two ever decide to have children, look for them to be impossibly beautiful.

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