When I was a little kid, my mom used to force our family dog to wear a sweater whenever it was cold outside, and she absolutely positively hated it. She would run and hide the second she saw that ugly blue monstrosity my mother sewed herself, but apparently, not all animals respond in the same way. Some try to protect themselves by making their owners feel terrible about what they’re doing. They contort themselves into the most pathetic positions and make the most pathetic noises in hopes their owners will reconsider their actions.

Let the record show this cat, hilariously named McLovin, is in the latter camp. Check out the footage below…

Have you ever seen an animal look more defeated than this one? Bathtime is apparently poor McLovin’s kryptonite. Unfortunately for him, he’s probably just going to need to get used to it. There’s no way his owner is going to stop keeping him clean, especially considering how much entertainment his childish whimpers provide. At some point, for his sake, I hope he learns how to suck it up and take the experience like a champion.

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