American Idol producers may have had months to figure out what direction to take the show in this season, but they wound up waiting until the first day of actual auditions to officially announce who would fill out the judging panel. In addition to mainstain Randy Jackson and the previously announced Mariah Carey, rising star Nicki Minaj and beloved country voice Keith Urban will offer their own critiques.

The news was verified via somewhat awkward photo this afternoon. On paper, the four judges should balance each other out quite nicely. Minaj is very much in tune with what works now. Carey is a seasoned veteran who knows her way around a pop song better than almost anyone else in history. Urban will do wonderfully with country singers and smooth male vocalists, and Jackson, as always, will be able to look at the contestants through a more business/ commercial lens. These four really should work, but if there’s one thing the history of Idol has told us, it’s that watchability most closely relates to the chemistry of the judges.

Obviously, we won’t know how these four interact with each other or relate to those at home until actual footage begins leaking out. I suspect they’ll be very good, but I tend to be stupidly optimistic. What do you think? Are you happy with this year’s judges? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Are You Happy With The Judges?

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