Hot off the heels of her husband’s better than expected debate performance, Ann Romney has booked her own gig in the public eye. The sixty-three-year-old wife, mother and equestrian enthusiast will appear on Good Morning America on October 10 and take up residence in Robin Roberts’ empty chair.

The regular anchor is still on sabbatical fighting Myelodysplastic Syndrome. Rather than bring someone on board for the entire period of her absence, the show has gone the Live With Kelly! route and rotated through a slew of famous people including Stephen Colbert and Jessica Simpson. First Lady Michelle Obama was reportedly offered a chance to make an appearance as well, but thus far, she hasn’t committed.

There is, of course, far less pressure on Ann than there is on her husband Mitt, but it’s still beneficial for all involved if she comes off positively. Either way though, the real winner will probably prove to be ABC. It would be a shock if more viewers than usual didn’t tune in. In fact, the better question isn’t whether more people will tune in but how many more people will tune in.

What about you? Will you make an effort to watch Ann Romney on Good Morning America next week? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Will You Watch Ann Romney On GMA?

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