When I think of Anne Hathaway's love life, I still tend to remember her disastrous breakup with Raffaello Follieri, who was revealed as a con man who pretended to be a consultant to the Vatican. After the breakup Hathaway was spotted on the streets of New York looking great, then she moved on to getting an Oscar nomination and hosting the awards herself while her ex went to jail. Now she's closed the door on winning that particular split-- Us Weekly reports that Hathaway is engaged to her new beau Adam Shulman, who you probably don't recognize from American Dreams and The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning, but who has been dating Hathaway since 2008.

Hathaway's rep was forced to confirm the engagement after she was spotted in New York CIty wearing a giant rock, in the company of her fiance, a chocolate lab, and some contrasting red and blue sweaters that would be a perfect fall outfit if it weren't absurdly warm in New York City over the weekend and therefore highly unnecessary. Ah well, I guess if your engagement photos are going to be taken by the paparazzi, you may as well look good. And now Hathaway's unofficial status as the American princess of my generation-- listen, The Princess Diaries is a seminal film, OK?-- continues as planned.

Congratulations to the happy couple, who will hopefully continue doling out enough wedding details to satisfy us in this post-Will & Kate, post-Kardashian world.

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