For a band called Big Something, they surely live up to their name. Not only were their songs encapsulated by a bigger than life style, the group also took a large amount of synthesizers, horns, and shredding guitars that added to their big sound. If anything, I would have to describe the overall stage persona as a run by the numbers jam band, minus the boring instrumental sections that most groups in that classification have.

That’s what sets them aside from most bands like Widespread Panic and even the Grateful Dead, because the band works together in a way that adds a more pop-rock sensibility. I would compare that sound to groups like Bruce Springsteen and The Killers. Believe me, I had a hard time convincing myself of that comparison too, but somehow Big Something made it possible. The group’s piano and synthesizer sounds coupled with their sax player and lead guitarist’s blasting guitar work was a dynamic addition to their poppier elements. What’s even more surprising to me was that, like any jam band, they always have a unique element that they can call their own.

So what does it mean to sound like Bruce Springsteen? Well, their music not only builds on top of their already complex songs, but it’s the Springsteen-esque arena style rock that keeps them rooted on planet earth. Their songs segue perfectly from a complicated instrumental section to the bigger than life style of bands like Springsteen and The Killers.

Comparing them to Rush, Widespread Panic, or Bruce Springsteen is lofty praise. I honestly just stumbled on the band with no prior intentions of seeing them. In fact, they weren't even on the roster of bands for the weekend. Instead of getting billed, they were one of the smaller acts who played on the stages that patrons walk by as they go to watch groups like Side Real or Easy Star All-Stars, but I couldn't be more pleased with my luck.

Big Something blends an array of genres and creates those arena rock, jam band, and hard rock influences into something all its own. The only thing I can hope is that instead of Side Real or Pepper taking up the larger stages at Blackwater next year, it will Big Something playing the shit out of a much deserved bigger stage.

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