I’m not certain if Carey Mulligan’s young-looking face or her whirlwind of a recent romance makes her marriage more surprising. It’s true we’ve all known Mulligan has been engaged to professional crooner and head of the popular band Mumford and Sons since August, but something about the couple’s hasty five months together made me wonder if the whole wedding thing might be put off at some point.

As it turns out, I should have a little more faith in young love. Mulligan and Marcus Mumford were married this weekend in Somerset, England. With such a picturesque farm setting and a fairly small and personal ceremony, Mulligan, 26, and Mumford, 25, were wed in relative peace and avoidance of popular hullabaloo. US Weekly broke the news and also learned Colin Firth, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Sienna Miller were in attendance to watch the actor and musician exchange their vows.

The couple began spending time together initially at an intimate music gig with mutual friends in 2011. They have been inseparable since, with Mulligan moving all the way to London to live with her beau early in their relationship. With such a private courtship and such a secluded wedding, it’s doubtful Mulligan and Mumford will be popping up all over the tabloids in the coming years. As such, Pop Blend would like to wish the couple our best now, and during their romance in the future.

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