The case that captivated the nation has come to a stunning conclusion. This afternoon twelve jurors, seven women and five men, acquitted the twenty-five year old accused murderer of all charges, save the ones related to giving false information to law enforcement. Anthony sobbed and hugged her attorney as the not guilty verdicts were being read by the jury. Had she been found guilty of first degree murder, Anthony would have spent the rest of her life behind bars or been executed by the state of Florida, but now she’ll face little or no time in jail on the false information charges.

In all the trial was in session for some thirty-five days, a whole lot more time than the ten hours the jury needed to come to a consensus. The prosecution argued Anthony murdered and duct-taped her two year old daughter in order to continue a life of reckless partying free of parental responsibilities. To bolster its case, the state presented numerous photos and called numerous witnesses who testified Casey drank, partied and entered a hot body contest after her daughter went missing, but the defense countered with shocking accusations that toddler Caylee drowned and her grandfather helped the defendant cover it up and dispose of her body. Apparently, that hypothesis was enough to cast reasonable doubt.

What do you think? Did Casey Anthony just get away with a callous, shocking and vicious murder or did the jury have enough reasonable doubt to acquit? Vote in the poll below and let us know what you think…

Do You Think Casey Anthony Murdered Her Daughter?

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