Chef Curtis Stone is going to be a father. The charming and disarmingly attractive Australian has been steadily crushing life the last few years thanks to his stint on Celebrity Apprentice and current gig hosting Bravo’s Top Chef Masters, but now he’s set to add a little spice to his personal life. He and Lipstick Jungle actress Lindsay Price have been together for more than two years, and the couple are said to be thrilled about the forthcoming addition.

Access Hollywood released a statement from the pair today in which they described their mood as “over the moon”. That’s noticeably higher than any Earthly emotion but not surprising coming from a man with an other-worldly swagger about him. I’m sorry if I’m coming on a little strong with my Curtis Stone man crush, but honestly, watch his season of Celebrity Apprentice and tell me that dude isn’t awesome. Can’t be done.

We here at Pop Blend would like to send out our congratulations to the happy couple. There’s no word yet on whether there may be wedding bells in Curtis and Lindsay’s future, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he locked that hotness down in the near future.

You know what the best part of dating a chef must be? The celebratory meal that follows a special announcement. What does a man have to do to get him and his girlfriend on that guest list?

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