The infamous Pete Rose all-star interview used to be the most awkward conversation I’d ever seen on television, but teen bride Courtney Stodden has somehow topped that off-putting debacle on Dr. Drew Pinsky’s Lifechangers. The seventeen year old decided to put the implant rumors to rest once and for all in a segment in which she was given an ultrasound and breast exam live in front of a studio audience. Don’t get too excited. She was covered up with one of those blue nightgowns, but the result was still a bizarre trainwreck in which the doctors at first thought they saw an implant. Take a look at the footage below…

I’m not sure I’d call knowing Stodden has real boobs a Lifechanger, but to be honest, I was curious. More importantly, I’m really glad this footage exists. I especially love the nervous energy the crowd gave off after it looked like the doctors were going to conclude she did have implants. That one girl they zoomed in on appeared utterly bewildered.

Stodden and her husband, the creepy dude from The Green Mile, are still pitching their reality show all over town. Nonsense like this makes me hope someone picks it up. It would have to be more entertaining than Dance Moms, right?

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