Crystal Harris’ bashing of former fiancé and Playboy titan Hugh Hefner was painful to be privy to, even for non-Hefner fans like myself. Ending a relationship with anyone is difficult, and I would imagine even more so when you are in the public eye. That being said, bashing a former partner is not generally the way to earn sympathy from that public, nor is it a way to gain respect. When Harris complained about her former relationship it was not fun to watch, and now the cat fights are continuing.

Apparently, keeping the Bentley and selling the wedding ring for thousands of dollars isn’t enough for Harris. The couple are now fighting over possession of their cute pup, Charlie. According to AceShowBiz, the Cavalier King Charles spaniel is the only leftover Hefner really cares about from his former relationship. Charlie has apparently been spending time with Harris since the break up in June, but it seems like Hefner has a sentimental spot and wants the cute little dog back.

While it seems strange Hefner would want the dog after so many months, he seems truly optimistic and level-headed about the coming affair.
"We both love the puppy. I told her if she wants to keep the ring and the Bentley, then maybe I can keep the puppy. I [hope] we will work it out."

Hopefully, the couple will be able to rescind their sets of claws and come to some sort of agreement. It would suck both for the dog and the public if we had to go through the whole “this is mine” rigmarole, again.

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