Jamie Lee Curtis has urged all women to think carefully about plastic surgery - because the entire industry is based on the "fraud" that a nip and tuck will make you feel better about yourself.

The 49-year-old actress has revealed she underwent surgery on her lower eyes when she was 35 after a cruel cameramen told her she was too "puffy" for him to shoot, and she has had work done since.

But now Curtis is urging all women to grow old gracefully because it's rare that people really do feel better about themselves after they go under the knife.

She says, "I did it all but, you know what, it didn't work. The fraud is it doesn't work; it doesn't work because there are complications - and I got them all."

"It doesn't work because you still look in the mirror and you see the fraud of what you were trying to do." (KL/WNVOP/GES)

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