Demi Lovato’s always been one to dabble. She’s worked as an actress on Sonny With a Chance, put together several hit albums as a singer, and even became a judge and mentor on Fox’s The X Factor this past year. While that seems like a lot for a 20-year-old to accomplish, she certainly isn’t finished trying new things. Recently, Lovato confirmed that she recently stepped into the director’s chair to try her hand at creating a music video.

The “Heart Attack” singer initially took to Twitter to tease the big development about a week ago. At the time, she noted that she had on “her director’s shoes,” but it wasn’t until recently that the singer actually spoke out about the event. While she didn’t come out and blatantly state it, it’s likely the singer has put together the video for “Made in America,” the rumored next single off of the album, Demi.

The singer spoke out on “Live from MTV,” noting that she wanted to be a director to the point where she was being bossy about her own video shoots. Eventually, that morphed into her becoming the director of one video.
"I always wanted to do it when I was younger, then I just had the opportunity this time and I was like 'oh my god I have to take advantage of this.’ So I came up with the idea for the treatment and I told my manager this is what I want on this second and on this shot and this to happen... and want this camera to pan that way and he was like, 'Why don't you just direct it?' and I was like, 'OK!'"

Currently, no release date has been set for the video, so we don’t know if it will see the light of day, but at least the starlet did direct and can add the experience to her resume. We’ll let you know if Lovato’s directorial debut gets an official release date.

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