This morning, the fine folks over at Facebook announced a complete design overhaul of the various feeds. Apparently, the most consistent critique the design team has gotten over the past few years has been clutter. People, including me and everyone I’ve ever talked about it with, have always wanted a way to have more control over what stories pop up. If this design implementation goes according to plan, that might actually happen.

The new Facebook will allow users to control whether they want a hodgepodge of updates, updates from all their friends, the most recent updates in order, updates from celebrities, picture updates, group updates, etc. A bar on the right hand side of the screen will allow everyone to toggle between the various choices and assumedly, improve the experience.

You can check out a video explaining how it will all look below…

There’s a certain amount of blowback that comes with every major change a site like Facebook makes. There’s even some fierce debate still about whether instituting Timeline was a good idea. On paper, this new update sounds like a brilliant decision, but until we actually see it in practice, there’s no way to know whether there will be side effects users are unhappy with.

To read more about the change and check out some large images, you can head on over to Facebook’s more formal explanation. Right now, the site is putting users on a waiting list who would like to switch over. Barring any unexpected setbacks, the option should be available to everyone eventually. Until then, get excited or get busy bitchin'.

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