If you’ve ever wondered why The Flaming Lips continue to show up in news, then I can explain that to you. It’s because the group is on an endless trek to be the one of the busiest bands in the music industry. Simple answer, right? Not only are they trying to beat out other groups in that tough race, but they are also continuing in their trend for experimenting in some pretty odd marketing tactics and even weirder artistic output. Just in July, the Lips coordinator Wayne Coyne gave out marijuana flavored gummy brains in addition to new songs with his collaborative group Lightening Bolt. Another odd combination, which is even odder than their gummy tinged special feature, was their concert series with the pop-punk group Weezer, where they played each other songs on stage for a more-than-eager audience. It is obvious that this band is a fun and wacky group with no real boundaries to keep them grounded.

That’s why this next effort from the Lips is not at all surprising. On Coyne’s official twitter page, where most of the groups news comes from, the singer posted the news about a six hour long song they are working on. No, that’s not a typo. The Oklahoma City band is actually working on a six hour song that will last for 360 minutes. This is by far their most adventurous work to date.

And I’m sure most of you thought that “Iron Man” or “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” were long. There’s no word yet on how the track will be released, but I can assume it will be done in only a way that the Flaming Lips could; because in their endless attempt to be unique and shutter themselves away from any “normal” way of making/releasing music, I’m positive that they’re ballsy enough to attempt greatness. Honestly, I’m almost certain that they will pull it off. Here’s is a small snippet from their latest endeavor:

And here’s another look at the madness…

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