Back in October, Giuliana Rancic and her husband, Bill, were brave enough to open up about her breast cancer. 37 year-old Rancic was initially diagnosed after having a mammogram as part of her treatment attempts to get pregnant. At the time, the E! newswoman hoped a lumpectomy and radiation therapy would take care of the issue. As it turns out, the treatment was not enough.

Now, Rancic and her husband have gone on Today to discuss her next step. The E! News anchor revealed she will undergo a double mastectomy in the coming month. Though the decision took a lot of consideration, Rancic ultimately decided her quality of life would be better if she did not have to worry about the possibility of her cancer returning.

Her husband, Bill, also got the chance to come across as a solid upstanding guy. When asked how they came to the decision, Bill Rancic spoke out about doing as much research and talking to as many people as possible before making up their minds. As for now he is there to be her cheerleader, telling Today “I’m focused on the finish line. Our goal is to be done with this by Christmas time, then don’t look back.” You can view the interview, below.

Pop Blend’s deepest sympathies go out to the Rancic family.

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