In an ongoing effort to maintain their position as the weirdest band around, The Flaming Lips continue to appear in the strangest places. Most recently, they joined forces with Weezer for a once in a lifetime concert where they performed each other’s songs for a very lucky audience. Wayne Coyne and company continue to excessively release project after project and tour relentlessly, which any self-proclaimed Lips fan couldn’t complain about.

Last week we told you about their latest endeavor, in which they are producing a six hour long song that will feature the Oklahoma psychedelic quartet performing its most ambitious work to date. Not only will the Lips take advantage of a 360 minute space of sound, they will also be taking $100 donations for the Oklahoma Humane Society. In return for donating, the band will sing their loyal fans names in their song. This project is turning into a truly grandiose effort that's as fascinating as any they've previously done. “Found A Star On The Ground” is taking generosity, and the Lips creativity, to a whole new level.

Some might find it odd that The Flaming Lips have been in the news almost every week since June, but it’s because of their outstanding work ethic and endless ambition. They also treat their fans unlike any group. If there’s one dynamic attribute about their eccentric group of fans, its that they take any opportunity to be involved in what the group is doing. And Coyne gives them more than a generous amount of opportunities each year. Just over the summer-- Lipsters?—took the chance to strip naked on camera, to chase down front man Wayne for his newest music video “Watching the Planets.” Some of you might think it’s bizarre or immature, and while it is, the fact that these 'groupies' take out time to volunteer for this bizarre, yet prolific band, is the most amazing thing of all.

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