Actor Seth Green was stunned when his filmmaking hero George Lucas agreed to come to his wedding in May (10) - and he still can't believe he can call the Star Wars creator a friend.

The Austin Powers star has cultivated a working relationship with Lucas over the last decade and the two have become unlikely pals. But Green can only imagine what friends and family thought when the director showed up at his wedding.

He says, "It's just so funny to see him at a wedding because he's a normal dude; he's a dad and he's into history and art and sports and sci-fi, and then you see him at the wedding. Everyone was like, 'Oh my gosh, I don't know what to say to him.' And he's hanging out, like, 'I wish somebody would say hi to me.' I love just hanging out with him; anytime I get to sit and just chit-chat with him..." (KL/WNVLOP/MT)

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