Emma Watson is fantastic in everything she does, even if she’s only been in the Harry Potter movies. It's still very exciting to be in on the ground floor of this actress’s career though, observing where she'll end up in after the last Harry Potter movie comes out this summer.

In just the beginning of what I am sure is to be a flourishing career post-Potter, Emma Watson was awarded Britain’s Best Dressed Woman in a new poll taken by Glamour Magazine. Showing off her virtuoso style, Watson has been leading fashion shows with her unique dresses and has also been a muse for the aspiring models at the British Fashion House Burberry.

Knocking British celebrity Cheryl Cole down from number one, Watson took her spot and left Lady Gaga in last place on the Glamour Magazine list. Twilight starlet Kristen Stewart was moved to third place while Blake Lively, Kate Moss, and Rihanna rounded off the top ten among others.

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