The Internet is a breeding ground for rumors, lies and innuendos. Luckily, the fabrications and baseless reports are usually easy to spot. With a discerning eye, an engaged reader can separate the mumbo jumbo from the facts. Unfortunately, Heidi Klum and Seal’s marital status seems to be one of the few exceptions.

This morning, TMZ reported the couple was headed to divorce court. The outlet said the filing could happen as early as this upcoming week and would list “irreconcilable differences” as the reason. Like most readers, I was willing to accept TMZ’s blunt source at his or her word, but several hours after the initial report, US Weekly confirmed the marital problems but denied the separation. Their source argued the celebrities were still trying to make it work.

Now People has gotten in on the action, and its own source is alleging Seal and Heidi have actually put their wedding rings back on. They’re reportedly still cohabitating and doing much better since their issues primarily stemmed from distance and time spent apart.

Where exactly the truth lies is still anyone’s guess. In all likelihood, these three different sources are probably just close friends of the couple with different interpretations of how serious the problems are. Heidi may have said she was considering a divorce, but not everyone follows through with his or her threats.

I sincerely hope these two make it work. From their overly loving public appearances to their yearly vow renewals, there’s something about Heidi and Seal that fits. I thought they’d last when they first got married, and now I’m stubbornly sticking with that opinion.

What do you think? Will Heidi and Seal make it work? Let us know by voting in the poll below…

Will Heidi And Seal Make It Work?

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