Combining aggressive homophobia and bad parenting, Hong Kong based tycoon Cecil Chao Sze-tung has offered $65 Million to any man who can successfully woo and marry his lesbian daughter. Whether rich or poor, he just wants the suitor to be kind-hearted and generous to his thirty-three-year-old girl Gigi.

The crazy offer seems to have been prompted by recent reports of her marrying her longtime partner in France. Thus far, Gigi has refused to comment on whether the wedding rumor is true, but she has called her dad’s $65 million offer “quite entertaining”. She’s also stopped accepting friend request on Facebook after being hit with a torrent from strange men from all parts of the world.

According to ABC, Cecil’s offer is all the stranger because he’s a notorious bachelor. He’s never walked down the aisle and once claimed to have slept with more than 10,000 women. The seventy-six-year-old’s romantic exploits are still reported regularly in the headlines, but apparently for his daughter, he’d like something a whole lot more traditional.

In the past Gigi has described her dad as less of a parent and more of a friend. For a long time, she worked for one of his companies, and if nothing else, the two seem to have a bit of a playful relationship. Thus, it’s hard to tell how serious Cecil is with this offer, but regardless of his intentions, it’s hard to imagine Gigi will alter the course of her life in any way.

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