Last week, pictures of country singer Jason Aldean kissing former American Idol hopeful Brittany Kerr emerged. The two were at a bar on the Sunset Strip and seemed to be having a great time. Unfortunately, Aldean is married, and thus, the entire situation wasn’t exactly harmless fun.

In the days since the scandal broke, Aldean released a public apology for making poor choices, but his mea culpa did very little to squash the sizeable backlash that was already brewing. Fans hit up the Internet in droves to fire written middle fingers at the pair for what they did to Jason’s wife and kids, and over the weekend, the situation got so vicious, Kerr decided to delete her Twitter account.

By all accounts, Aldean was incredibly drunk during the entire encounter. Kerr reportedly told friends she had no idea the singer was married, but video later emerged of Jason leaving the club that showed him a) hammered and b) with a wedding ring on his finger. To some fans, the specifics of the situation point to a bigger shame on her. To others, however, it’s his marriage, and he ultimately has to bare the greatest responsibility.

What do you think? Who is more at fault for what happened? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Who Is More At Fault For What Happened?

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