It’s a boy for Jenna Fischer. The Office star reportedly gave birth to a healthy son a little more than a week ago and gave clearance to her rep to make the announcement earlier today. The sex of the baby isn’t a surprise considering mom revealed as much on The Tonight Show in July, but it’s still always nice to hear a delivery came and went without complication.

We’ve yet to officially hear from Jenna Fischer herself, but one would imagine she’s over the moon. The actress has made no secret about her motherhood urges. According to People, those greatly increased after she became an aunt. Mission accomplished for both her and husband Lee Kirk. The couple first got engaged more than two years ago, but they finally made it official last summer in a ceremony performed by Survivor host Jeff Probst. How cool is that?

Unfortunately, there is no baby name to report yet. Mum has been the word from Fischer’s publicist on that end, but even the most privacy-hungry celebrities eventually come clean on their children’s names. Both mom and dad seem like straight shooters; so, expect the handle to be a little further inside the box than most Hollywood choices.

Pop Blend would like to send out its congratulations to Fischer and Kirk for their new bundle of joy and to that bundle of joy itself for getting out of the womb.

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