Thanks to her foolish pseudo-science opinions on vaccinations, most of the time we cover Jenny McCarthy here on the Blend is in a decidedly negative context, but sometimes when a woman steps out in a brilliant Halloween costume, you just have to take a step back, thunder your hands together in applause and give the lady her due.

As you can see in the above tweet, McCarthy decided to go not as Miley Cyrus like so many other celebrities but instead as the starlet’s much-discussed, ever wandering tongue. Not surprisingly, word of the hilarious costume has raced around the Internet today almost as fast as pictures of the Arizona State girl who wore only heels (NSFW-ish).

The best Halloween costumes aren’t the most random or the most shocking or the most slutty. They’re always the ones that are able to figure out a way to do something topical in an original way no one else comes up with. Everyone is talking about Miley right now. An uncountable number of women already have or will dress up as the singer this weekend, and yet, anyone who walked into a party with McCarthy would no doubt feel that awesome realization that comes from double taking and then figuring out what someone is dressed as.

Earlier this year, McCarthy joined the cast of The View following the departure of Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Initially, rumors soared that audience members weren’t digging her and she may not last, but in the weeks since, she’s started to settle into the new gig and become a real part of the team.

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