Jessica Simpson sat down with Katie Couric this afternoon on the debut episode of the former CBS news anchor’s talk show, and the combination musician/ actress/ reality star wasn’t shy about hard selling both Weight Watchers and her impressive body transformation. The blonde revealed she’s lost an incredible forty pounds since giving birth to her daughter Maxwell Drew, and with any luck, she should be down to a weight she’s comfortable with real soon.

That’s the message Simpson has been preaching since she first signed with Weight Watchers, and it’s the reason why she hasn’t revealed what her target size even is. She wants women to know that being pleased with yourself and healthy is far more important than fighting to be an unnatural shape.

You can take a look at the commercial she debuted on Katie below…

Both Katie and Jessica are extremely affable and likeable women. That was very obvious during their sitdown today. I’m sure the pop star’s participation with Weight Watchers will make the company a lot of money, but as for whether Katie will prove successful over the long haul, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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