Have you ever sat down on a couch and thought, “I could remain in this spot for hours without ever wanting to move?” I’m not sure Jessica Simpson’s baby, Maxwell, entertains thoughts as logical as that yet, but if she did, she would have been thinking something just like that over the weekend.

Taking a break from trying to lose the baby weight, Simpson spent Friday relaxing with her daughter, and at some point, she let the little girl have the entire outdoor couch to herself. Take a look at the photo evidence below…

This is the reason why people living in the Midwest move. Everyone loves the friendliness and the easy, comforting pace, but there are too many random rainstorms and too many summer days of one hundred and five degree temperatures to just recklessly leave nice couches outside. In fact, it’s probably a sign I grew up in Chicago that my first reaction wasn’t “how cute” but “I wonder if they have a storage shed for bad weather”. Los Angeles must be great.

In other Simpson-related news, the actress/ pop star has reportedly been attending Weight Watchers regularly, with a goal of trying to lose at least twenty pounds by the end of August. Rumors have been circulating that she needs to get on the ball in order to fulfill her contract with the weight loss brand, but thus far, neither Simpson nor the company has gone public with how much she’s obligated to lose.

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