Jim Jones is facing charges in Connecticut after an ugly brawl at a casino led to several arrests. The rapper was at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods to attend a party thrown by mogul P. Diddy, but after it was over, he reportedly went out on the gambling floor. While there, he was approached by a man who was reportedly drunk and confrontational. Witnesses say Jones first ignored the stranger, but after the unidentified individual got physical, a fight broke out. Soon the man’s friends jumped in, followed by the rapper’s friends until police were forced to get involved.

They did what they could to break up the fight, but when one of the officers tried to restrain Jones, he supposedly responded very violently, which led to him being maced. According to TMZ, Jones was later taken to the police station where he was formally charged with assaulting an officer and breaching the peace. Shortly thereafter, he posted bond and took off.

Celebrities are often criticized for misbehaving, but people often forget the nonsense they sometimes put up with. This story is a good example of that. By all accounts, Jones was just minding his own business when a stranger walked up to him and got physical. I have no doubt he was just defending himself, but unfortunately, he clearly screwed up by not calming down when the police arrived. As a result, he’s probably going to end up with the stiffest charges of anyone involved.

We’ll keep you updated when this matter goes to trial.

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