With season two of Melissa & Joey already in the can and no pressing summer engagements, Joey Lawrence has decided to try his hand at another career: stripping. The former Blossom star will head to Las Vegas next month to appear at Chippendales from June 7th to June 24th. How exactly the thirty-six-year-old decided on such a career path is unclear, but one would imagine he’d rake in pretty good money. The lady-friendly show previously coaxed Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees to take the stage, and they’re always on the lookout for famous faces who might put asses into the seats.

According to TMZ, Lawrence’s duties will include far more than just showing off his chiseled stomach. He’s reportedly planning to sing and dance for nostalgic 90s fans, and of course, strut around in the trademark bow tie.

Ordinarily, I’m preconditioned to laugh about any celebrities taking on a stripping gig, but the cheesiness of Chippendales actually seems like it’ll be right in Lawrence’s wheelhouse. He takes off his shirt roughly every nine seconds on Melissa & Joey. I’m sure he knows that’s ridiculous, but I honestly don’t think he cares. He’s just an affable dude willing to saunter around and say “whoa” as many times as he needs to in order to land his check. So, I say bravo. Make those ladies scream, Joey Lawrence. I know one girl who would love to be in the audience, and her name isn’t Five or Seven.

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