Prior to the shocking murder/ suicide on Wednesday, Johnny Lewis was very clearly in a downward spiral. The actor had been arrested numerous times in the past six months on charges as common as burglary and as bizarre as punching a man outside a yogurt shop. We’ll never know what was going through his head during the last portion of his life, but details are beginning to emerge as to what pushed him into the spiral.

According to TMZ, Lewis had a very bad experience with drugs early in 2012. The incident reportedly triggered a psychotic break, and as he became more mentally unhinged, he started trying to self-medicate with different substances. That back-and-forth quickly made each problem a whole lot worse until he lost all touch with reality.

Through the hard work of family members and the court system, Lewis recently got on some medication, but he may have stopped taking the stabilizers when he was released from the hospital less than a week prior to his murder. If he mixed a lack of medication with some hard drugs, that could explain the horrifying murder and out of control behavior during the last few hours of his life, but until the toxicology results come back, we won’t know what was in his system.

Regardless, if ever there was a reason to stay away from hard drugs, this is it. Pop Blend's sincerest condolences go out to all those affected by this tragedy.

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