Actor Josh Lucas and his wife, Jessica, are two pretty good-looking people. It stands to reason the couple’s 8-week-old baby, Noah Rev, would be pretty cute, too. However, according to his daddy, the kid hasn't exhibited the capacity to take a fine looking photograph.
“My child, so far, is remarkably unphotogenic. It’s quite weird. He’s a great looking kid, but every photograph he just looks like this bizarre kid.”

Despite having an incompetent baby, the 41-year-old says being a parent is better than sliced bread, stating he believes parenthood is legitimately "the most amazing thing. Although, he sheepishly has to admit he and Jessica made fun of the way parents cooed over their kids prior to creating a baby themselves.
“My wife and I always joked about the fact (until it happened) that we always thought people were just drinking the Kool-Aid, like the whole thing was a scam.”

The actor also touched on the little moments where Noah lights up during the day and other news about parenthood with Access Hollywood Live. It sounds as if, besides that unphotogenic blip, the couple has a pretty perfect kid. Plus, I'm sure his kid would take being an unphotogenic baby over being an ugly baby, any day.

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