Just a few months ago it was fairly shocking news when Justin Bieber appeared on the cover of Complex magazine beaten and bloodied, looking like he'd just gone a few rounds with peak-era Muhammad Ali. But apparently Bieber has a penchant for getting bruised, as proven with the brand-new video for his single "As Long As You Love Me." The Biebs proves he's got more love for one girl than a lot of sense, as at the beginning we see Michael Madsen warn him away from his daughter. Bieber stays strong, though, and well, you can see how it works out for him.

As a child of the 90s, I can't help but point out that "As Long As You Love Me" was the title of a pretty damn goofy Backstreet Boys song--but Bieber seems to know that perfectly well, since there's a banner ad for this very song on the bottom of the Backstreet Boys video on YouTube. You can argue that the Bieber song and video is a little more hardcore and valid-- he's rocking his tough grown-up haircut and risking the wrath of Michael Madsen, who starred in Reservoir Dogs and 24 and is seriously not someone I would tangle with. Maybe Bieber knows the strength of his teenage female army will keep him safe no matter what?

In other Bieber music video-related news, he snagged two MTV Video Music Award nominations for his last hit single, "Boyfriend." Can the rough-and-tumble tone of this one make it an even bigger hit? Depends on how much Bieber nation likes seeing him get bruised in the name of love, I guess.

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