Justin Bieber took his new tattoos and his standard douche bag behavior to South Pointe nightclub in Southampton over the weekend, and as per usual, his visit did not go well. After an altercation over a girl, the pop star allegedly ripped off his shirt and screamed up a storm before he was quickly escorted out of the club. In his wake, club patrons and some of his bodyguards allegedly exchanged blows, leaving at least one of the former in the hospital.

According to New York Daily News, Bieber and his entourage rolled into the club at around 2 AM. They immediately headed for the VIP area and after sitting down, were allegedly once again a bit aggressive with people who came up and tried to take pictures, shining flashlights into their eyes. At some point, two separate females allegedly approached Bieber to try and have conversations, and both were unceremoniously blown off. The second of those incidents allegedly started an argument between the Biebs and the random girl’s male friend, and within a few minutes, everything escalated to 11.

According to TMZ, Justin did his usual pull-off-the-shirt routine and verbally gave it to the dude, but neither party threw any punches. Once the Biebs was taken outside and put into his vehicle, the anonymous partier allegedly appeared outside and started giving it to Justin again, prompting the singer to climb out of his car through the sunroof. Of course, before he even made it off the hood, his bodyguards approached the dude, and that showdown allegedly did not go well for random guy. He apparently wound up in a world of hurt and had to be taken to the hospital. Later, he filed a police report accusing the Biebs’ bodyguards of fucking him up, but considering he decided to follow the pop singer out to his car, I’m not sure he’ll be able to pin his beating on anyone else.

Once upon a time, Bieber was a sweet kid who churned out good publicity faster than he did millions of dollars. He seemed to genuinely care about his fans and genuinely care about doing things the right way. That mother-in-law’s dram is gone, however. He’s been replaced by a wannabe gangster ass hat who pisses in buckets and spits on his neighbors. He might think it’s all in good fun now as he starts shit with random people and hides behind his bodyguards, but if this behavior continues, he’s going to do it to the wrong person or wrong group of people and then he’s going to learn why the average person doesn’t go to nightclubs at 2 AM and talk shit.

Remember when Kid Rock compared the Biebs to Vanilla Ice? Well, the rapper has never been able to escape rumors that he crossed Suge Knight and was held by his ankle over a balcony. Whether that’s true or not, he eventually grew the fuck up and is actually a pretty likeable and handy guy now. All we can hope is Bieber eventually gets to the same place.

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