Remember when Justin Bieber posted an Instagram shot of himself and Selena Gomez hanging out, and the entire world immediately started wondering whether or not it meant they were dating. Well, the survey says they’re not dating. They’re just actively trying to not hate each other and get along since they run in the same social circles.

According to E! News, the Biebs showed up at an Independence Day party on the 4th of July, and much to his surprise or amusement or delight or irritation and/ or other emotions, he ran into Gomez. As typically happens when two college-aged exs run into each other, they carved out a space to chat and hang out inside the party, and it wasn’t long before they were taking personal snapshots---like this one…

Exactly where that leaves these two is unclear. The outlet’s source calls deemed the current relationship a “friendship”, but as anyone damn well knows who has ever a) had friends, b) watched Elaine and Puddy on Seinfeld or c) exercised common sense, two people who used to date hanging out regularly together is a recipe for the backslide. In fact, the reason why these two broke up before was clearly because they couldn’t get along, but if they see themselves getting along a few more times, no doubt they’ll at least wonder if giving it another go might be the right call.

It’ll likely all depend on their schedules. As popular musicians with a slew of concerts, studio sessions and even side projects to work on, neither Selena nor Justin is exactly flush with time. Therefore, whether or not they can keep getting along will likely depend on how much time each will spend in Los Angeles over the next few months. Luckily, since every photographer within a ninety mile radius of LA seems invested in this relationship, there’s no way in hell the whole world won’t know within six hours if they’re spotted hanging out again.

We will, of course, keep you updated. Until then, know the Biebs and Gomez aren’t back together, but they’re not exactly still in the talk shit behind each other’s backs phase either.

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