Pop star, actor and all around good dude Justin Timberlake followed through on his promise to Cpl. Kelsey De Santis and escorted her to last night’s annual Marine Corps Ball. Her YouTube proposal, along with Sgt Scott Moore’s to Mila Kunis, generated headlines back in July as observers wondered whether the pitches would convince the celebrities to attend. Ultimately, both agreed. We’ll see how Kunis does with her date next week, but Timberlake’s has come and gone with almost universal praise.

According to WTVR, the former N’Sync star danced, posed for pictures and seemed to have a great time, though if you judge by his date’s behavior, she seemed to think Timberlake was the lucky one. De Santis reportedly printed out a picture of herself and autographed it, along with a goody bag filled with items essential for the day-to-day life of a marine. No word on how the gesture was taken, but one would imagine the frequent SNL host loved it.

It’s great to know all involved seemed to have so much fun with the evening. On paper, it had the potential to be a pretty awkward night, but all firsthand accounts have hammered home how joyful and exuberant the festivities were.

I love it when celebrities behave like decent, honest and nice guys. Famous people often get more press for their inappropriate actions; so, it’s good to be reminded how loveable and charismatic many of them can be, even when the cameras are turned off.

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