Kanye West has always prided himself on being over the top. From his crazy outfits to his energetic live performances, he loves to give fans twice what they were expecting. So, naturally, it only makes sense that days after rumors of a sex tape emerged, he’d follow them up with more whispers about a completely different sex tape.

That’s right. If the newest reports are to be believed, there are two separate clips of the musician getting busy being shopped to the highest bidder. The one we started hearing about last week features a married Kim Kardashian lookalike in a hotel room, and the second shows the hip-hop star with a completely different woman in an unknown location. According to TMZ, both were shot several years ago and feature twenty minutes and forty minutes, respectively, of solid XXX action. If Kanye has his way, however, we’ll never get to see that impressive bedroom prowess.

He’s reportedly instructed his lawyers to do everything in their legal power to make sure neither piece of footage sees the light of day. Given how much money he has, West has no real monetary reason to work out an agreement with a distributer. Thus, the likely scenario here is that no large porn companies get involved, fearing the aggressive lawsuit that would likely come from trying to turn a profit.

We’ll keep you updated if more Kanye sex tapes emerge. Until then, feel free to watch his girlfriend’s footage still available online.

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