Kara Kennedy may not have been as flashy as her father or as famous as some of her cousins, but she nonetheless carried on her family's tradition of public service. The oldest daughter of former Senator Ted Kennedy, she worked as a television producer, specializing in artistic projects for the disabled. She also sat on the board of the National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and served as a trustee for the John F Kennedy Library Foundation.

Kara was born into the Kennedy legacy on February 27th, 1960. Within two years, her uncle John was President of the United States, her uncle Robert was Attorney General and her father was a Senator. For a short time, it seemed as if her family was destined to shape the future of American politics, but by her tenth birthday, both of her uncles had been killed and her father was forced to withdraw from his Presidential run. No doubt these tragedies, coupled with the Kennedy-related ones to follow, shaped her outlook and forced her to analyze her priorities. Ultimately, she chose a quiet life devoted to her family and the public good. She married a professional sailor named Michael Allen in 1990, and the pair had a daughter and a son they raised together.

In 2002, Kara Kennedy was diagnosed with lung cancer, but she courageously fought the disease for over a decade. She passed away on Friday at a Washington-area health club at the age of fifty-one. Her brother Patrick, a former Congressman, released a statement admitting the family thinks her heart simply gave out. According to The Associated Press, she was an exercise enthusiast, and in the end, all the treatments may have just proved too much for her body to handle.

Pop Blend would like to send out its sincerest regards to her immediate family, the entire Kennedy clan and all those touched by her years of selfless devotion. She will be greatly missed.

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