You didn't think Kathy Griffin would just let that bizarre Jim Carrey love message to Emma Stone pass by her, did you? The reality star and unapologetic fame whore called the nice people over at YouTube to record her own tribute, but rather than serenading the Crazy, Stupid Love star with more creepy words of encouragement, the fifty year old redhead decided to choose a different and even younger target.

That's right, Justin Bieber has been gifted with his own I-wish-we-were-together tribute. Way more of an overt joke than Carrey's deadpanned profession of love, Griffin's words to the Biebs glorify everything from his “lesbian bangs” to his “kind-heart”. Take a look at the clip below…

Just as self-deprecating as you might expect, Kathy Griffin went all out in that above video, chronicling the wrinkles on her ass and the lack of eggs left in her system. Expect this to be the first of many imitations, but on the scale of quickly produced parodies, this one does rank slightly above average. Success? I suppose so.

The only thing I don't get about this video is why Kathy Griffin would claim that she'd rather just “go steady” with Bieber. I read somewhere the other day that he made fifty-three million dollars last year. Even as part of a fake ode, that seems like a glaring plot hole. Do you know how many frivolous purchases and wild stunts Kathy Griffin could engineer with that kind of money? Something tells me she'd like to find out.

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