The President likes to play basketball. This fact is about as commonly known as the soft news Barack Obama also likes to have a beer every now and again. What people may not know is Mr. President’s dirty little basketball secret: the man likes to talk trash, sometimes even to NBA players.

On Friday, famous basketball player KobeBryant headed to the set of The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk shooting hoops and giving to charity. The Lakers player says he’s tried to go easy on the president in the past, but sometimes Obama will sneak a sick move in.
"I’m going to steal the ball from him. Then all the sudden, I start peeking around looking for the CIA. I say, you know, I should just let him go."

If you think Bryant’s tactics when playing against the President are funny, you’ll be amused to hear Obama is also a bit of a trash talker on the court. Nothing too serious, mind you, and Bryant says the chatter is almost as fun as actually playing the President, who is left-handed and has a pretty good skill set.
”Yeah, he talks a lot of trash, oh my goodness, a lot of trash. You know ‘cause he’s from Chicago, so he’s a Bulls fan through and through. So, he’s always talking Bulls this, Bulls that. I’m like, my goodness!”

You can check out more from the interview, below.

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The rest of Bryant’s interview is spent talking Dwight Howard, gifts for Ellen, and charity work the talk show host is invested in. Bryant’s a pretty sharp dude, and if you haven’t liked watching him on the court, maybe the bit where he signs shoes for Ellen’s big charity, The Gentle Barn, will help you to see another side of the man.

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